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Re: Responses to the list

On Saturday 01 October 2005 08:19, John Hasler wrote:
>Chris Bannister writes:
>> So, do people use Gnus to read the debian-* lists from usenet, or are
>> {quite|very} happy using Gnus as a mail client.
>I am very happy using Gnus to read both news and email.

Thats not the first time I've heard of gnus John, but its apparently
not available in my redhattish repos for apt-get.

I used to run Thor on my amiga, and still think its the cats meow
within its limits.  But today, it needs revisiting to allow some
intelligent spam filters to be used with it.  At the time, all we had
was a blacklist we had to manually add to and it rather quickly
became unusable because its buffer size to hold the list was only 16k.

>John Hasler

Cheers, Gene
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