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Re: GRUB woes (install to hde)

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Matt Price wrote:

> non-identical, old disks which likely have bad sectors (so don't want to
> dd if=/dev/hde of=/dev/hdf or similar).

good ...  than use tar or cp  or any other fs dependent copying

> so then, question is:  how to run grub, preferably non-interactively,
> in such a way that it actually works (which I guess means, in such a
> way that it finds the stage2 file in /boot/grub).

assuming that you can boot it as /dev/hde, /dev/hdf, it does NOT
mean that it will boot as /dev/hda

trivial way to make it boot as /dev/hda:
	- assuming you are currently booting from /dev/hda to make the
		dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hde bs=446 count=1

	- change /etc/fstab
	- change /boot/grub/device.map ( use only /dev/hda == hd0 )
	- change /boot/grub/menu.lst  ( use only /dev/hda == hd0 )

	if you have other disks in the target box, simply your
	life till you understand how to edit the files to get
	the clone disk to boot, than add the other disks etc
	( you'd need to figure out which drive corresponds to hd0 vs hd1

all that is couple minutes of typing
	- or a few seconds via matt.grub.sh script

- it does NOT matter that /dev/hde can boot or not ... since that
  is not its final destination and is pointless to make it boot,
  especially if the motherboard will not boot /dev/hde 
  (anything that is not on the motherboard,. which is likely on old bios )

done.. more grub howto's ...

c ya

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