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Re: [OT] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp

Ryan King <rking@sharpsaw.org> writes:

> And secondly, the way the Gimp has a decentralized window setup
> (they're all 100% "MDI" windows, to use the Win32 term) is a curse and
> a blessing.  In most Linuxy desktop environments, it's easy to switch
> virtual desktops, and makes this a more pleasant mode than having a
> big honkin' window to hold all the other windows.  I'll have, for
> example, my IRC window omnipresent, and run the Gimp in a separate
> desktop from my web browser, which is in a separate desktop from my
> xterm's.  A quick keystroke to switch between them and it's pretty
> hard to beat.

OTOH, it makes The GIMP nearly useless in frame oriented window
managers, such as ratpoison. Being able to run it "paned", like
you can do with Photoshop, would be a huge improvement.

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