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Re: retaining file permissions and ownership across sub-directories in Linux

Rishi napisał(a):
Is there a global setting to set the umask for all applications to use 002?

Probably not.
If the application insists on giving a file permissions, let's say, 0600
you can't forbid it with umask. With umask you can only prohibit them
from giving some permissions. Not the other way around, as is in your
case :-(

Ok. Any ideas where to configure it Konqueror, Mozilla and Kmail?
These are the apps I need to configure to save files with the 002
umask setting.

BTW. thanks for support and help with this query of mine. Appreciate it.

In case of these apps - I don't think they touch the permissions at all.
You should rather look for the processes they inherit their umasks from (I am not sure what is it) and there set the right umask.

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