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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Kent West wrote:
> Steve Lamb wrote:
> /usr/bin/synaptic, at least on my box.
> (Granted, I don't use synaptic, but the point is that some X apps
> require root; this is just an example.)

>>   I've yet to see an X app that needs me to have root.  Chances are if such
>>a beast exists I don't need it.

    Maybe you missed that I wrote that.  You quoted it so it is hard to
understand how you could have missed it.

> However, if the first xterm is not logged in as root, I can type "rm -rf
> fonts" in either window without hurting myself. If I intend to delete
> the X11 fonts, I have to do the extra typing of "sudo rm -rf fonts".

    Contrived examples don't help.  Now try machine A and machine B where you
want to get rid of directories on machine B which now exist on machine A.
Sudo doesn't save you from the mistake in either case while looking at the
prompt would.  The very same prompt which would let you know where you are,
what user you are and, in the case of my example, chances visually based on
the permissions you have.  Relying on sudo to be your safety net means you're
more apt to make a mistake by not paying attention to the prompt.

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