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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Kent West wrote:
> And when you need to run an X app? Ah, gotta muck around with Xauthority
> files now.

    I've yet to see an X app that needs me to have root.  Chances are if such
a beast exists I don't need it.

> And when you've got several xterms open, and only one of which is logged
> in as root, and you're switching back and forth and forget which one
> you're in when you type that "rm -rf" command? Sure, you can change your
> root prompt to be red and flashing, to help avoid this, but I'd prefer
> to intentionally do the extra step of typing sudo to prevent this sort
> of mishap.

    Come now Kent, let's cut the hyperbole.  You know as well as I do that
this is just as problematic with sudo.  You have several xterms open and you
hit "sudo rm -rf" in the wrong one which is in a completely different path
than the one you intended....  Typing sudo doesn't prevent you from being in
the wrong xterm in the slightest.  In fact it makes it more likely.  Doesn't
take a red flashing prompt, just the same information you'd have with sudo.

{grey@mania:~} root
root@mania:~# exit

    My prompt tells me the user, machine and path.  If I don't pay attention
to it then sudo ain't gonna help me if I'm on the right user but the wrong
machine, wrong path, or both.

    For the record, zsh users, the above is achieved in a single line.
Bucking conventional wisdom I have nothing to do with BASsackwards sHell so
root goes right backt to zsh:
export PROMPT='%(!..{)%n@%m:%~%(!.#.}) '

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