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Re: ReiseFS vs XFS

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Rob Benton wrote:

> I've lost data and a whole partition using xfs.  I wouldn't call it 
> stable.  I use reiser now.

that'd depend on:
	- which glibc, which kernel, which version of xfs vs reiserfs

i've lost partitions and/or files with all of the fs including ext3

	- latest gottcha is when you start to use loopfiles inside
	jfs vs xfs  and ext3 is too big ( inodes ) and too slow

lesson: don't play around with old version  and at least its on
   	my experimental boxes so it wasn't critical

	if you're going to use newer version, backup first ...
	including the old version of the working fs binaries and libs

c ya

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