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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Steve Lamb wrote:

Stephen R Laniel wrote:
But he *does* want to mess with sudo. Sudo is a much safer
tool than logging in as root, for reasons that have been
done to death on any number of Linux lists.

   On a single user machine or for when the person who is pretty much the
de facto administrator and they know to just su root, run the command and get
the hell out of dodge there is *NO* benefit of sudo.  None.  If the command is
compromised they're running it as root anyway.  The benefit of sudo is for
granting limited root access to multiple people for when they need it or to
provide accountablity of whom changed what.  Neither of which apply in the
single user case.

   So, to reiterate, "running as root only when needed" doesn't mean "sudo"
on single user installs.
Well I like the benefit of typing one line. In debian, being in the group sudo allows you to skip using a password. So to me there's a benefit over: typing su, typing root's password, typing my command, exiting.

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