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Re: Gnumeric doesn't work in Testing (for me)...

Eric P wrote:
> James Vahn wrote:
>> Try "wajig install/unstable gnumeric" and see if that works.
> Thanks for the tip.

And thank you for the heads up- gnumeric is working for me again. :-)

> However, can you clue me into wajig?
> It just reinstalled 1.5.1-1 when I the wajig line up there.

Put this line into /etc/apt/sources.list (you should have a similar one
for testing already, right?):

        deb ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free

And these into (possibly a new file) /etc/apt/preferences:

        Package: *
        Pin: release a=unstable
        Pin-Priority: 50

        Package: *
        Pin: release a=testing
        Pin-Priority: 990

        Package: *
        Pin: release a=stable
        Pin-Priority: 50

Then execute these commands:

        wajig update
        wajig install/unstable gnumeric        

You can use apt-get instead, but wajig has some nice features like those
of aptitude without the bugs (or whatever they are - the ones that delete
your whole system. Wajig won't do that.)

        wajig commands | less

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