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Re: Installing without CD

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From: Mike S <mmiikkee12@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 24, 2005 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: Installing without CD
To: Don Jackson <don1103@azark.com>

>That rather complicates things.
I know :-)

>You need to mount the ISO on the loopback interface and find the boot
>image and write it to floppy.

>Having done that you need to boot up and go through the boot process
>without destroying your image and keeping it in a place which you will
>be able to read it from.
Is a FAT32 partition OK?

>The installer allows you to specify a local file hierarchy as your
>install source and so in theory if you were to have the extracted ISO on
>readable disk you should be able to use this as the install source.
I tried this booting off a floppy image from the CD, but I didn't see this option - otherwise I wouldn't be asking. :-) It apparently couldn't find /cdrom/dists//Packages (or Release, don't remember) which in fact didn't exist.

>What do you have as operating system right now on your computer?

On 9/24/05, Don Jackson <don1103@azark.com> wrote:
Mike S wrote:
> How do I install Debian without burning a CD? I have the ISO on my hard
> drive, but my burner is broken. I also have an almost unlimited number
> of floppies, if that helps (read: 'insert useless info here') :-)

Hi Mike,

What do you have as operating system right now on your computer?

One thing which comes to mind as possbility (you may get other better
suggestions on the reflector) ... if you have another version of Linux
as OS, you should be able to mount the iso and start it from there.

mount -o loop filename.iso /mnt/point

Another possibility is to use something like Knoppix (if you have it on
CDrom already), boot up, then do the above mounting of your iso file.

Good luck...

Don  (not quite a newbie any more, still learning)

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