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Re: installing debian on home network

michael wrote:

I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't find it in the
archives so all pointers welcomed!

I've a Debian box (2.6, unstable) connected to the Internet via USB
Broadband modem (I'm in the UK). ie it's nto a router/modem but the mobo
does have a network port.

I've another box on which I wish to install Debian (again 2.6). I tried
to use a netinst CD on this box but it hangs (with no indication of what
is happening) after probing hardware. I guess this is when it's trying
to detect a network (but why doesn't it fail then offer me to skip this
step?); this happens with both linux26 and expert26 boot options.

Suggestions on how to progress this (without writing numerous CDs!) most

Thanks, Michael

It shouldn't be the network. netinst images do not require a network connection before initial boot. bizcard images however do.

I believe there already are testing ISOs... They currently probably are very unstable, but you may be in luck.

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