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installing debian on home network

I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't find it in the
archives so all pointers welcomed!

I've a Debian box (2.6, unstable) connected to the Internet via USB
Broadband modem (I'm in the UK). ie it's nto a router/modem but the mobo
does have a network port.

I've another box on which I wish to install Debian (again 2.6). I tried
to use a netinst CD on this box but it hangs (with no indication of what
is happening) after probing hardware. I guess this is when it's trying
to detect a network (but why doesn't it fail then offer me to skip this
step?); this happens with both linux26 and expert26 boot options.

Suggestions on how to progress this (without writing numerous CDs!) most

Thanks, Michael

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