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Re: 4ol 4rt files:

Hal writes:
> Some do, some don't.  Some read the full web page, some don't.

The ones who do don't spam us.  The ones who spam us (that is who I mean by
"these people") don't.

> I added in "THE HELPFUL ANSWER" or something like that to the title of my
> message.

Making the email address all the more attractive to the doofuses.

> It may help, it may not.

It will make it worse.

> As for the "These people"...  Will that group of people on this list ever
> stop this geek snobbery?

Snobbery, hell.  Anyone who copies an email address out of a Google hit and
sends off a complaint without reading the referenced message is a doofus.

It's not so much that AOLers are stupid as it is that they are numerous and
are, more or less, a cross section of the population.  As the population
contains a substantial percentage of doofuses..
John Hasler

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