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Re: Backing up installed packages.

On Thursday 22 September 2005 12:57 pm, R. Clayton wrote:
> I keep a list of installed packages around so I can easily populate a new
> disk (or repopulate a mashed-up disk) by doing something along the lines of
>   $ apt-get install $(cat installed-packages-list)
> I use a daily cron job along the lines of
>   ls /var/cache/apt/archives | sed 's/\([^_]*\)_.*/\1/' | sort | uniq
> to maintain an installed-packages list that looks like this:
>   $ cat installed-packages-list
>   aalib1
>   base-files
>   bash
>   bittorrent
>   bzip2
>   cdrecord
>   [ and so on ]
> I would be interested in hearing opinions and suggestions about a general
> approach to backing-up and reconstituting package archives, as well as
> opinions and suggestions about the particular approach I've outlined above.

You should also back up /etc since this often contains any modifications you 
may have made during the installation process.


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