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Re: [interesting] Re: Debian Dell Laptop Connectivity

Jan Schledermann wrote:

> Scott Fitzgerald wrote:
>> Hi, All,
>> (thanks to all who answered my last laptop post, this is a follow up)
>> Been laboring over the laptop decision, and I am dedicated to doing this
>> with debian, so hear goes.
>> A lot of guys in my Linux SIG have the solution to throw money at the
>> problem by buying laptops with pre installed linux.  While this looks
>> like a good commercial solution, I am looking for something on the cheap.
>> I was wondering if my bright idea was really a bright idea.  Dell's
>> computers are so inexpensive, but their connectivity absolutely sucks
>> according to all things I find on the web (at least for us linux types.)
>> Would it be smart to say, buy the cheapest dell, and ignore the built in
>> modem and wireless lan, then wipe the disk, and buy a working modem and a
>> working wireless lan PCMCIA cards?  I'm hoping that Dell would have an
>> option to just have the devices never installed.
>> What do you think?
>> ---
>> Scotty
> I own an Inspiron m510.
> I am running sid and I:
>         can use bluetooth to connect to external storage / camera
>         can network through the built-in nic
>         can network through the onboard wifi
>         can connect to the internet through either the built-in modem
>             or my SonyEricsson k700i (via bluetooth) or any of the nic's.
> I burn- and watch DVD.s, listen to live365 (streamtuner), chat on msn,
> talk to folks via Skype, click on and enjoy all kind of multimedia content
> in firefox and ........
> This notebook replaced an older PIII Dell Lattitude which also connected
> the crap out of itself!
> Getting the stuff to work is only a question of hanging in there and
> google for answers when something doesn't work!

Do you mean I would have to run Sid instead of Sarge to get 
everything to work?

Thank you for reply

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