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Fwd: how to use mailing lists

2005/9/18, linux <linux@highlinewebhosting.com>:
> is it just me or is this mailing list useless?
> i posted my question ages ago and have recieved nothing but heaps of
> responses to other questions that i don't understand
> are mailing lists meant to work like this? how do i get better results
> out of this mailing list?

"Patience must a Jedi have"

Your mail with the subject "postscript/ghostscript" was answered.


If you dont understand the answers you can write another email, asking
to be more explicit.
But before you ask something in the mailing list, try to search in
Google   your answer.

Take a look to: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

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Und die Liebe soll mich tragen
Wenn der Schmerz die Hoffnung bricht"

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