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Re: Qlogic Fibre Channel Controller


Nick wrote:

Hello, I was curious if anyone has installed and/or has any documentation or materials regarding the installation of a qlogic 2340 HBA on a debian box. We would like to connect some debian hosts to a SAN in the near future. Is this a pretty straight forward installation? Or will I be required to recompile
the kernel etc?

I am in the process of doing this myself (same card). I had to compile my kernel, but only because it seems that the debian kernel has removed the qla2300 module (could someone explain to me why?). If you use the vanilla 2.6 sources though it will include the necessary kernel module.

I have a question of my own though. I'm not actually familiar w/ the SAN technology and i'm not sure how to use it. I have two of the qlogic cards in my box. Only one of them is hooked up to the fibre (the kernel detects that it is hooked up), but how do i access the san? I really have no idea how it works but it seems like i should have a /proc/scsi/qla2x00 w/ some various information about the cards, etc. but i dont' have it. Could someone clue me into what i might be doing wrong?

Cameron Matheson

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