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Advice needed about submitting bugs

Dear Sirs,
A few days ago I have installed Debian 3.1 r0 "Sarge" on my PC.
Everything went all right except X-server which didn't start. In fact at the end of the process the system tried to start it twice but unsuccessfully, then I recived a message asking me to submit such bug to Debian bugs tracking system and at last another message appeared saying that: "This X-server will be disabled. Restart GDM after having configured it again". So I submitted the bug to them by e mail specifying on the first line of the message body the problem source, that is XFree86 and on the second line its version, that is I attached, at last, the "XFree86.0.log" file in which you could notice a video card module loading failure. Yesterday, thinking that problem due to the lack of suitable drivers for my Matrox Millennium video card, I installed these drivers and booted again my Debian. Unfortunately X-server didn't start all the same, but now in "XFree86.0.log" file there was no module loading failure and, besides, I didn't receive that message to submit that bug to Debian any longer. So, I wanted to submit all that to Debian bugs tracking system but they sent my message back saying that I hadn't specified the bug affected package and asked me to submit it again. I will be grateful, then if you give me some instruction about the Debian Bugs submitting method.
With kind regards,
Alberto Zeni
e mail: alberto.zeni@fastwebnet.it

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