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Re: playing midi with timidity

Pooly wrote:

>> Oh, and try tiMidity with the -Os (server mode) or -OR (aRts mode) options 
>>and see what that does.
>I ran timidity -iA -Os -A90a as root (not as a user), and now it's working !
>Thank for you help, on that.
>What I'm trying, is to have Rosegarden4 working, which is ok now,
>(except jack lost few samples).
>The timidity acting as a server eat 20% of my CPU, is it normal (even
>when nothing is playing) ?

I had the same issue with tiMidity; it's even mentioned as a bug in the man 
page. I was also using it for Rosegarden4, which I now have working very well 
using Qsynth (which requires soundfont files installed) for midi and qjackctl 
for audio. Also I recommend the realtime-lsm module for better latency.

It should be possible to run these programs as a normal user; are you a member 
of the audio group?


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