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Re: how to use mailing lists

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 02:21:16PM +1000, linux wrote:
> is it just me or is this mailing list useless?  i posted my question
> ages ago and have recieved nothing but heaps of responses to other
> questions that i don't understand are mailing lists meant to work like
> this? how do i get better results out of this mailing list?

You received at least one reply before posting this rant. I'd suggest
using a more suggestive Subject: line to make sure your mail is noticed
in future. It may also help to craft a better 'From:' line, too -
"linux" on it's own looks spammy.

Regarding better results from the mailing list, using a threaded mail
reader (such as mutt or thunderbird) and filtering mail from the list
into it's own folder, are two ways you can improve your experience.

Jon Dowland

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