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Re: how to use mailing lists

> is it just me or is this mailing list useless?

It's probably not just you, but for the majority of subscribers it is
not useless. :)

> i posted my question ages ago and have recieved nothing but heaps of 
> responses to other questions that i don't understand
> are mailing lists meant to work like this?

Generally yes. When you subscribe to a list, you get *all* mails sent to
this list. If you want to filter out mails, you have to do it with your
mail client or whatever you are using.

If you don't receive answers to your own questions, that may have
several reasons. In most cases, people just don't know an answer. :)
This, in turn, may be the result of you asking an "esoteric" question
which nobody knows anything about, or you have failed to post enough
details so that people who could know it would have to guess wildly.
Most people don't like these questions and as it doesn't hurt them, they
skip them.

If you have a question concerning a very special topic, consider writing
to one of the numerous other mailing lists of debian
(http://lists.debian.org/) which don't have such broad topics as
debian-user. Finding specialists about, say, firewalls, is easier in
debian-firewall than in debian-user.

Another tip: put your realname or at least some pseudonym in your mails
instead of just "linux". People like talking to people with a name (even
if it's not your real one).

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