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Re: Is there a screencapture utility?

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 12:16:18AM +0000, bmward@inet.net.nz wrote:
> I'm running sarge/GNOME. I'd like an ability to capture portions of a screen
> (part of a window preferably). Is there something which will do that?
> I am aware of the GNOME applet (but that doesn't seem to capture a window) and
> of GIMP (which doesn't completely meet my needs either).
> What bothers me is that I thought I had that ability in the woody installation
> which I 'upgraded'  to sarge, getting GNOME 2.x!
> Thank you,
> Bruce Ward
 I sometimes use CTRL+PrintScreen to load a snapshot of the current root
 window into the clipboard and then paste it into an arbitrary graphics
 manipulation program.


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