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Unsolicitated "Not Modified" response slipping through proxy

Hi all (sorry for "cross"-posting), 

from the time I'd upgraded to apache 2.0.54-5, we've experienced severe
problems running a customer's reverse proxy server: briefly, apache refuses
to deliver
content that's returned as "Not modified" by the backend servers. Instead,
apache simply forwards the 304 to the client (even in the bare case when I
send "GET / HTTP/1.0" with no request parameters).

I'm pretty sure that this behaviour is unintended. The phenomenon was not
triggered by any configuration change (I checked timestamps) but is solely
correlated to the time I performed the upgrade.

Unfortunately, I had no time (production system) to do any clever bug
engineering but simply solved the problem by disabling any directive or
module bearing the prefix "Cach" ;-).

I hope, this information is sufficient to attract some interest (motivating
me to collect more background information on the system :).

 Michael Mirold

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