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Re: deleting selected/filtered mails in sendmail queue

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, [iso-8859-1] Erik Dörnbach wrote:

> Is there anything available either in sendmail itself 
> (something like sendmail -qR@blah.com, just for deleting and not
> queuerun) which I haven't found yet or some additional tools/scripts
> whatever.

i clean out the sendmail queue with

	- it shows who  sent it and where it's going

	- modify it to your specs/requirements

- the assumption is that old pending mail is undeliverable and will
  just sit there indefinitely, as opposed to you deleting the mail at the
  same exact instant that sendmail is sending the outgoing mail that
  would be corrupted due to the deletion

- always restart sendmail after cleaning its queue

c ya

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