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Re: How do you "move to testin ng/etch"?

cmetzler@speakeasy.net said...
> > Subject: How do you "move to testing/etch"?
> You may already know this, but just in case you don't . . .you need to
> understand that the decision to track testing instead of stable or
> unstable is a serious one, with potentially serious hazards.  Many
> people have the concept in their heads that testing is a fairly
> robust distribution that's less risky than unstable -- something like
> "more current than stable, but less dangerous than unstable."  That
> isn't true, because that isn't the purpose of testing.  When things
> break in testing, they can often stay that way for an extended period
> of time -- viz. two occasions last year when first GNOME, and then
> KDE, were uninstallable out of testing, and broken for those tracking
> testing closely, for more than a month in each case.  That's not
> because of the developers doing anything wrong; it's just the nature
> of what testing is.  If your reason for wanting to upgrade to testing
> is because you see it as splitting the difference between stable
> and unstable, you need to read about what testing is and how it's
> (automatically) put together.
> OTOH, if you already knew all the above, cool, sorry for being
> long-winded, maybe it'll be helpful to someone else.

:-) The irony is that I used the word "moving", while the docs say 
"upgrade". You make a valid point, but I'm aware of the nest of spiders 


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