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deleting selected/filtered mails in sendmail queue

Hello list,

(sorry for crossposting, the debian-isp ml seems to be pretty abonded...)

I had some trouble with an misconfigured "ms isa server" in my network, which in return had an misconfigured "ms exchange" behind it, which acted as a kind of openrelay (ooh, those people!).

The problem is now, my sendmail box - being the smarthost for the exchange - has a queue full of undeliverable notices for fake-addresses now, the lot going somewhere to ".tw" .

As I'm pretty sure none of our customers really has email contact with taiwan I'm looking for an easy way to get those messages out of my queue without touching any other emails.

Is there anything available either in sendmail itself (something like sendmail -qR@blah.com, just for deleting and not queuerun) which I haven't found yet or some additional tools/scripts whatever.

Thanks in advance for cleaning up my queue!

With best regards,


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