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Re: PCI modem suggestions

On 4. September 2005 at 2:01PM -0700,
Mike <stuff@dustsmoke.com> wrote:

> Dave Ewart wrote:


> > Perhaps the original poster should explain his motivation for
> > requiring an internal PCI modem?
> >
> > Dave.
> >  
> >
> All I want it for is callerid on a sarge based myth system.
> The reason I wanted a PCI modem was because I just got done
> buying a serial IR reciever to be used with lirc. I don't think
> I should have to recompile a kernel or get things like
> setserial to remove the kernel modules that control the serial
> port so I can load different serial modules. That just goes
> against everything I've ever known about serial.  So after
> giving up and going back to normal i2c based IR recievers I
> kind of decided I didn't want to deal with all the problems of
> linux and serial devices. 


My solution to the problem was to buy a serial modem and a USB
serial converter. Actually this combination solved two problems
for me: the crappy serial port of my mobo and the horror stories
I heard about most USB modems being (allegedly) winmodems in
disguise. The serial port always called for a reboot after a
power fluctuation that would barely trip the alarm on my
UPS. With the serial modem connected to the USB port, I could
reset the modem simply by replugging the USB serial converter. (I
do remember, when USB serial support first became available for
Linux, I had some issues with having to kill my pppd pppd
connection before I unplugged.)

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