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PCI modem suggestions

Is there any PCI modems that will just work with a stock debian sarge kernel 2.6.8? Like does newegg sell any modems that will just work without a huge hassle of tracking down a driver or some add-on crappy binary from some company who doesn't want to open the source to their obsolete analog modulation technology? I just want to plug it in and be able to use it on a PCI bus given my kernel version and the fact that it is debian stock. I don't care what the price is.


I just need it to pop up callerid for mythnotify and I have zero experience with analog modems on linux past knowing that almost none of them work because they are winmodems.

P.S. I already know about the linmodems website....... You don't need to reply with the link to it telling me to go there. A simple, 'get this one', with a link to newegg will suffice


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