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Re: PCI modem suggestions

Dave Ewart wrote:

On Sunday, 04.09.2005 at 12:35 +0200, Hans du Plooy wrote:

Is there any PCI modems that will just work with a stock debian
sarge kernel 2.6.8?
*If* you manage to track them down, the ones that still exsist cost
about as much as an external serial modem, so why not just get one of

And perform much better, probably too.

Perhaps the original poster should explain his motivation for requiring
an internal PCI modem?

All I want it for is callerid on a sarge based myth system.

The reason I wanted a PCI modem was because I just got done buying a serial IR reciever to be used with lirc. I don't think I should have to recompile a kernel or get things like setserial to remove the kernel modules that control the serial port so I can load different serial modules. That just goes against everything I've ever known about serial. So after giving up and going back to normal i2c based IR recievers I kind of decided I didn't want to deal with all the problems of linux and serial devices. Yes, I know, the i2c based IR recievers should be far far 'harder' to get working than a serial device. But they aren't, they are a lot easier than anything that connects to a db25 port on linux..... Appearently.. From what I understood of serial interfaces, I always thought you juse used a common uart controller and ran different commands at it. Letting the thing on the other end to respond to whatever you sent at it... But I guess thats not true somehow with linux or lirc. Debians lirc packages cannot be described as anything less than a 'blithering mess' so maybe its just them.


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