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Re: How to lock user in his home

> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Leonardo Marques wrote:

> ??

> > i want the user can do everything they can do by default minus browse
> > accross the file system.

when the kiddies login, instead of using /bin/bash,  you can:

	- use a modified shell ( simplest solution )

	- you can use chroot him into "jail" ( next simpler solution )

	- you can chmod 111 /bin /sbin /everything else
		- test things and fix what broke

	- dozens of other things ... each half broken and works only
	  for some things and fails for other important/non-important 

- after you attempt to put your users into jail, see how long
  it takes before the boss or the kids comes back at the wrong times
  and says
  "daddy it's broken" come fix it "now" ... whaaahhh ... whaaaah .. :-)

c ya

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