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Re: ext3 and rsync problem

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 11:31:47PM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Ric Otte wrote:
> > One thing I notice is that while copying the files (using either cp or
> > rsync (and also tar, although I didn't pay as much attention), is that
> > according to top, Xfree86 is often using up to 78-99% of the cpu, and
> > things are very sluggish for a few seconds after the copying is done.
> > Every few seconds Xfree86 will go to the top of top with a high cpu
> > usage.  This is puzzling to me, because I'm using fluxbox with 3 open
> > rxvt terminals.
> Are you using the --progress option to rsync?  If so then the display
> updating will cause your rxvt terminals to do a lot of screen writing
> and would account for the cpu utilization.
> Bob

I didn't use --progress, but I did use -v.  I tried it without -v, and
top still showed a lot of Xfree86 activity (in just a few seconds it
was jumping up to 68% and down, etc.).  Nothing else was changing on
the screen except for the output of top.  Normally top doesn't show
Xfree86 using so much cpu when doing other things that change rxvt.


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