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Re: ext3 and rsync problem

Ric Otte wrote:
> One thing I notice is that while copying the files (using either cp or
> rsync (and also tar, although I didn't pay as much attention), is that
> according to top, Xfree86 is often using up to 78-99% of the cpu, and
> things are very sluggish for a few seconds after the copying is done.
> Every few seconds Xfree86 will go to the top of top with a high cpu
> usage.  This is puzzling to me, because I'm using fluxbox with 3 open
> rxvt terminals.

Are you using the --progress option to rsync?  If so then the display
updating will cause your rxvt terminals to do a lot of screen writing
and would account for the cpu utilization.


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