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6Gb of invisible files, or what?


Recently my old home server crashed and I had to get a new one, and install debian unstable from scratch. I decided that since my old 5Gb root partition was quite full, I'd double the size to 10Gb so I wouldn't have problems with that anymore. It took me a while to get the system to the same state as the old one but now I have it running smoothly. But today I found out, that out of my 10Gb root partition df only shows around 300Mb free!

So, I started looking and trying to find out what took all this disk space. But I didn't get very far. As previously, I used du on all the directories on root level / to see, which directory was excessively large. But using du, I only managed to find a bit under 4Gb of files! And now I'm wondering where the difference comes from and what can I do about it?

Can anybody help me here, to free up some disk space, to help me understand what's going on?

Thanks in advance,


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