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Re: mozilla composer asks "would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"

There is another way to browse the debian lists in a newsgroup-like threaded format, check out Nabble's mirror of Debian lists: http://www.nabble.com/Debian-User-f32.html

Nabble is entirely web based, so you won't have the newsgroup problem. like Gmane, you can also post on Nabble and your message will be bridged to the list. Nabble has a good search function.

H. S.-2 wrote:
Since yesterday or so I noticed that in gmane newsgroup account,
whenever I do any operation: change to a another newsgroup, grab new
messages; mozilla composer prompt me with a message box asking:
"would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"

This is happening only for gmane newsgroups. I created a new account too
but that also has the same problem.

Anybody else having this problem?

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