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mozilla composer asks "would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"


Since yesterday or so I noticed that in gmane newsgroup account,
whenever I do any operation: change to a another newsgroup, grab new
messages; mozilla composer prompt me with a message box asking:
"would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"

This is happening only for gmane newsgroups. I created a new account too
but that also has the same problem.

Anybody else having this problem?


PS: running Debian Testing, 2.6.11 kernel and:
mozilla-browser 1.7.8-1sarge1
mozilla-calendar        1.7.8-1sarge1
mozilla-cascades        0.4.0-2
mozilla-dom-inspector   1.7.8-1sarge1
mozilla-enigmail        0.91-4
mozilla-firebird        0.8-12
mozilla-firefox 1.0.4-2sarge3
mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector   1.0.4-2sarge3
mozilla-firefox-gnome-support   1.0.4-2sarge3
mozilla-firefox-locale-pa-in    1.0.4lang20050515-1
mozilla-mailnews        1.7.8-1sarge1
mozilla-psm     1.7.8-1sarge1
mozilla-thunderbird     1.0.2-3
mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail    0.91-4
mozilla-thunderbird-offline     1.0.2-3

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