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Re: fhs: where to mount other PCs ?

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 Markus.Grunwald@pruftechnik.com wrote:

> Hello,
> > acctually you can mount them anywhere you want. i bet /mnt or /home .
> > just dont mount them to /etc or /sbin or something, that would be 
> > too .... weird...

the right place to mount media and other PCs over nfs is a pissing contest
	- root should NOT be mounting anything temporarily 

	- automounters has its own mountpoints

	- users should be mounting things consistently, so that
	tom/dick and harry cn find where you mounted stuff

		all can be mounted in its expected location
		or mounted anywhere else ( /mnt/local, /mnt/home, .. )

- add the additional mounting fun for
	mounting *.i386 binaries ( generic )
	mounting *.i686 binaries ( p4 )
	mounting *.amd binaries
	mounting *.emt-64 binaries
	mounting *.sun3
	mounting *.sun4

	ie use /usr/local.`uname -m`

i mount everything under /mnt because ALL pcs is the same ...
and anythign is considered local to the disk/PC itself and NOT
mounted from anywhere else

and anything that is automounted is mounted under it's own /.autofs
with symlinks to provide:

c ya

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