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Re: which netinstal is for

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 10:53:08AM -0700, Rodney D. Myers wrote:
> I'm getting ready to "upgrade" my other system to the AMD 64 Athlon
> series of processors .
> Which netinstall cdrom is the correct? the
> debian-testing-ia64-netinst.iso

Yesterday I used the mini.iso from


Note - amd64, not ia64.  Boot the CD, configure, install the base
system and kernel and then get the packages you want from your chosen

I am not sure what difference there is between the netinst CD and the
mini.iso but both can be obtained using


> And I do want testing?

It is what I would choose.  Stability doesn't appear to be an issue;
security updates may be a concern.


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