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Re: fhs: where to mount other PCs ?


> acctually you can mount them anywhere you want. i bet /mnt or /home .
> just dont mount them to /etc or /sbin or something, that would be 
> too .... weird...

I know I can mount everything where I want -- technically speaking. But 
the sense of the fhs (http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html) is 
that things are a bit more "standard" so that people can easier switch 
between distributions and find things easier on fhs compliant systems.

In my example, the fhs says, that the /mnt directory should be used only 
for temporary mounts by root. To mount a cdrom drive on /mnt/cdrom is bad 
according to the fhs -> /media is the right place. So I want to find the 
"right place" for my "exchange shares" ...

Markus Grunwald

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