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Re: XOrg doesn't switch VTs

Thanks for the interest in my problem.

I think that the problem isn't caused by NVidia driver, because it
occur with XOrg's nv driver too. The problem with glx is a linkage
problem with the change of some libs from XFree to XOrg.

Best regards,
-Adriano Bonat

2005/9/11, kamaraju kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com>:
> Not an answer to your question. But did you try updating your nvidia
> driver to the latest version? If not try
> sudo m-a update
> sudo m-a prepare
> sudo m-a a-i nvidia
> Does the problem still persist after doing the above?
> You also have an error loading GLX
> (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load GLX
> May be commenting out the glx line in xorg.conf would help removing this
> error.
> raju
> --
> Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
> Graduate Student, MAE
> Cornell University
> http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/kk288/

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