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Re: XOrg doesn't switch VTs

Hi again,

Googling a bit I found the fix to our problem.

The only thing I have had to do was running xorgcfg and apply... without
changing anything.

And my keyboard now works fine!

Hope to help you!!!

El dom, 11-09-2005 a las 01:24 -0300, Adriano Bonat escribió:
> Hello,
> I migrate my Debian unstable system from XFree 4.3 to XOrg 6.8.2 and
> everything works except the functionality of switch to VTs (CTRL ALT
> Fn).
> Investigating with `xev` show me that CTRL ALT Fn are generating the
> XF86_Switch_VT_n perfectly, and google'ing about I saw some cases of
> this problem, but the solutions doesn't work for me (the solutions
> include update xlibs, xlibs-data, change the keyboard driver, change
> Xkbrules).
> My xorg.conf and XOrg log follow attached in this email, if other
> information is needed just tell me :)
> Best regards,
> -Adriano Bonat

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