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Re: Multihead

Alvin Oga wrote:
On 9 Sep 2005, Jeffrey Alsip wrote:

I have succeeded in getting my Colorgraphic four-port video card (S3
Savage4 chipset) to function under Debian! All four monitors now show a
clear crisp display.

However, my efforts have failed to get me mouse and keyboard access to
the three displays beside the primary one. The HOWTO's that I have
referenced were very helpful in getting the cards and monitors properly
configured...but sy almost nothing about the mouse and keyboard.

which howtos, what options did it say to use

Does anybody have a suggestion as to what I might be doing wrong?

the kb follows the mouse .. which ever xterm is active, is the one
assigned to the kb

- how did you get to the other screens ??

    changing DISPLAY ..
export DISPLAY=:0.1 export DISPLAY=:0.2 export DISPLAY=:0.3
	export DISPLAY=:0.4

    or with xinerama ??

- do you want all 4 screens to be the same or different data on each

Or do you want a keyboard/mouse on each and a different user?


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