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Re: Multihead

On 9 Sep 2005, Jeffrey Alsip wrote:

> I have succeeded in getting my Colorgraphic four-port video card (S3
> Savage4 chipset) to function under Debian! All four monitors now show a
> clear crisp display.
> However, my efforts have failed to get me mouse and keyboard access to
> the three displays beside the primary one. The HOWTO's that I have
> referenced were very helpful in getting the cards and monitors properly
> configured...but sy almost nothing about the mouse and keyboard.

which howtos, what options did it say to use

> Does anybody have a suggestion as to what I might be doing wrong?

the kb follows the mouse .. which ever xterm is active, is the one
assigned to the kb

- how did you get to the other screens ??

    changing DISPLAY ..
	export DISPLAY=:0.1  
	export DISPLAY=:0.2  
	export DISPLAY=:0.3
	export DISPLAY=:0.4

    or with xinerama ??

- do you want all 4 screens to be the same or different data on each

- http://Linux-1U.net/X11/Dual

c ya

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