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Re: Exchange replacement

On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 12:27 +0200, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> Hi,
> I've given up on trying to get a decent free OSS replacement for 
> Exchange - it's simply not worth the time and effort for the avarage SME.
> What I am looking for is something that can do shared calendering and 
> contacts, that Outlook can plug into - without a plugin.  If I can get 
> that, I can actually drop exchange, give the guys imap or pop with pst 
> files sitting on the server.  And use postfix - that would be the 
> happiest day of my life...
> Anybody know of such a beast?

Since MS uses proprietary protocols, you probably won't find an
OSS drop-in replacement for Exchange.  You probably won't even 
find a free-as-in-beer replacement.

Since iCal support seems to be pretty weak in OSS, you might be 
stuck using Outlook, even if you do go with an Exchange replacement
that runs on Linux.

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