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Re: #debian

Josh Battles wrote:
> antgel said:
>>I've probably spent too much time in #debian, where (if feels like)
>>every second user is complaining about the fact that they can't install
>>or use ubuntu / knoppix / whatever.
>>Actually, for those of you who don't already, stop by.  It's good eatin'
>>and an interesting companion to d-u.
> How is the channel?  I've been on there before and it seemed that every time
> I asked a question all I got in response were RTFM type of answers.  Is it
> still like that?

It's a great way to learn more about Debian.  Lots of expertise.  Yeah,
people might get told to read the manual, but only if they clearly
haven't already done so.  You might read it, but you would be amazed at
the number of people who don't.

If you see it from the point of people there trying to provide support,
it is very frustrating when people ask questions that they could have
answered themselves.  These are volunteers, remember.  If someone comes
along and has read the docs, googled etc, he's not likely to get flamed.
 Like d-u.

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