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Re: changing window managers

Larry Fletcher on 08/09/05 02:51, wrote:
I don't use a desktop.

It takes about 3 seconds for startx to launch icewm using
icewm-session in either ~/.xsession or x-session-manager.

I used to use metacity (default with sarge) and it took 10 seconds maybe, and then I tried using others and it now takes 5 minutes.

It's the window manager which causes it to hang for so long, but I can't work out what the problem is.

I tried posting a similar message to gmane.linux.debian.user as
suggested in another thread, but it didn't seem to work.  So if
the list gets 2 copies of this message that's the reason.


I don't mind subscribing to another list to display my troubles but which one? There are a bunch of relevant-seeming debian lists, but searching on them doesn't produce any useful archived threads. But then again, it's probably my crap key words :(


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