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Re: changing window managers

In article <[🔎] 431F0161.8070004@cyberspaceroad.com> you wrote:
> Larry Fletcher on 06/09/05 21:19, wrote:
> > Okay.  Now I see there is a difference between a session
> > manager and a window manager.  Apparently some window managers
> > have session managers and need them to run properly and some
> > window managers don't use them.  The problem was I installed
> > a window manager that didn't install a session manager and
> > since the old session manager was still installed the new
> > window manager wouldn't run.
> > 
> > I also found it interesting that ~/.xinitrc takes precedence
> > over ~/.xsession, and x-session-manager takes precedence over
> > x-window-manager.  So it doesn't work to use both ~/.xsession
> > and ~/.xinitrc.  The best option seems to be to put the session
> > manager in ~/.xsession and not use ~/.xinitrc.  And if there is
> > no session manager, to put the window manager in ~/.xsession.
> > Either that or learn how to configure x-session-manager and
> > x-window-manager.

> larry,
> are you still using startx to launch the desktop? If so, how long does 
> it take?

I don't use a desktop.

It takes about 3 seconds for startx to launch icewm using
icewm-session in either ~/.xsession or x-session-manager.


> I used to use metacity (default with sarge) and it took 10 seconds 
> maybe, and then I tried using others and it now takes 5 minutes.

> It's the window manager which causes it to hang for so long, but I can't 
> work out what the problem is.

> Adam

I tried posting a similar message to gmane.linux.debian.user as
suggested in another thread, but it didn't seem to work.  So if
the list gets 2 copies of this message that's the reason.

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