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Re: missing gnome menu items

On Tue, 06 Sep 2005 22:08:05 -0400
Angelo Bertolli <angelo@freeshell.org> wrote:

> Thanks.  I tried this, but it didn't help.  Any other ideas?  Where
> the gnome menus kept?

I have not really delved that deeply into the dark depths of the menu
stuff to understand how everything works, but....

With things making a transition to the freedesktop XDG menu
specifications, you have some stuff in /etc/menu-methods and /etc/xdg
that define how the menus will show up. two relevant package there are
menu and menu-xdg, which you could try forcing a purge of and reinstall
them using the same method as described in my previous message.

To go along with that you have another package named desktop-file-utils
which you could try purging and reinstalling.

I am thinking that gnome generates it's menu dynamicly from the
.desktop files in /usr/share/applications there should be a file there
named session-properties.desktop and another named
gnome-screensaver-properties.desktop. You might try opening a terminal
window and typing:

locate session-properties.desktop
locate gnome-screensaver-properties.desktop

: To see if these files exist and where they are located.

One interesting thing is that the description of desktop-file-utils
shows there being a desktop-menu-tool for manipulating desktop files,
but looking at the installed files there doesn't appear to be any such
utility. This is on debian unstable, but I am thinking this is probably
the same for stable and testing as well.

I'm guessing whatever exists or is being built to allow for menu editing
in Gnome probably relies on this missing desktop-menu-tool.

Later, Seeker

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