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X.org Translucency Lockup: Should I file a bug?

With the recent move of X.org into testing, I installed it, upgraded
KDE to 3.4 from unstable, and proceeded to try out the new stuff. 
Shadows work great, but as soon as I turn on translucency, the
computer locks up hard.  Well, I can move the mouse cursor, but that
is absolutely it.  No keyboard input works at all--can't change VTs,
can't restart X.  No mouse clicking works.  It took several hard
resets before I figured out that translucency was the cause.

Since these special effects in X.org are known to be somewhat unstable
right now, should I file a bug on this, or just wait for a new
release?  It obviously doesn't have this effect on everyone's system,
or else no one would use translucency at all, so perhaps it's an issue
with Debian's build of it?

Anyway, should I file a bug or just wait?  :)

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