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Re: Exim4 + port forwarding

Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> The problem is that all my requests to the smarthost's port 25 are
> blocked. 

Meaning that this command does not produce a response?

        telnet smarthost 25

"smarthost" being something like "mail.isp.com" or (better) their IP
address. Will they give you an MX address? Become your own "smarthost"
and deliver directly, a leaf off of their domain.

> So, I try to ssh to another computer, forward the port 25 of that SMTP
> server to port 10025 on my computer, and tell exim to use localhost and
> port 10025 as the smart host; but exim refuses to relay the mail
> through localhost, though it is actually a forwarded port.

No no.. don't do that. I think you really want to forward 25 on yours to
25 on the other. What you have done is make your computer act as their
server, and probably nothing is listening... Use telnet on 25 to see.

You'd be better off using it as a smarthost. If you forward the port,
where would mail sent to root@localhost on both machines go? ;-)

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