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is CONFIG_NET_RADIO enabled in my kernel? (trying to install wireless card)

Hello all,

During the installation (floppy and apt-get) of my system i started with using a wireless PCMCIA card (lucent wavelan). After the first reboot it didn't connect anymore, i probably could have fixed this by doing '#ifup -a'. I didn't, i simply restarted the entire installation with a wired card (same issue, only now i did search for the info on the net, it worked after '#ifup -a')

Right now, having succeeded in installing a minimal system with a window manager, i would like to install my wireless card.

'#cardctl ident' reports the correct data (i assume)
the card is also mentioned in /etc/pcmcia/config
according to a howto i found i should add a line in /etc/pcmcia/ network.opts. This i haven't done because i think my kernel (2.4.27-2-386) does not support wireless at this time.

How do i check this?

/usr/include/linux/autoconf.h contains

Am i wrong here? Will i have to compile myself a new kernel (o_0) to get this working or is there another way?

(to be complete: i did already install wireless-tools)

Thx for reading,

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